Silloth Harbour and the Solway Firth

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So proceeding along the coast the next harbour we come to is Silloth with its wood pier. As mentioned the age of sail merges into the age of the steamships. II think steamships are a little beyond my Blender skills, but could centainly enliven the scene up and help with the realism.

In the Silloth harbour scene I have made 3 sailing flats drivable using keys, wasd, tfgh, ijkl.

A small scenario was created simply by positioning the vessels as they might have to manoevre backwards around some ‘floating’ moored barges.
This route also is now available for download.

I will be inlcuding some schooners, but I think these might be better for the preset AI routes and leave the drivable for the sailing-flats, but we will see.

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