Silloth Harbour on Solway Firth - Simulation with scenario

Silloth Harbour on the Solway Firth I made a little while back but added a few minor changes. All these maritime routes are based on the bygone times, but much is guesswork or approximate. Also basic but free to download. The only restriction is not to be used for commercial benefit.


Use any of the routes or any of the content at your own risk as regards possible computer lock-ups, or loss of data.
Perhaps make back up of any important files and scan files for any possible viruses or malware.
All content, descriptions, dates, measurements, might be approximate or guesswork.
Not for commercial use.

Roaming camera keys are home/end and arrow keys.
Drivable sailing craft use one of wasd, tfgh. ijkl
The boat had an invisible collision box around it.
When collecting cargo edge the boat as near as possible to the cargo side-on or end on.
Keys 1 to 9 will start the ship on preset course or start animations.

Sollith Scenario

Using the drivable sailing flat, mainsail and jib.
Manoeuver (wasd) to move around the berthed empty barges.
key 2 open dock gates
‘Sail’ out of the docks.
key 3 to close dock gates.

On leaving turn right and head towards the trees and the single jib sailing-flat that has run aground.
Rescue the crewman and salvage the floating barrels.
You will need to approach as near as possible, keeping in mind there is an invisible collision box around the ships hull and sails, down to the waterline.

When completed if you wish return to docks,open dock gates key 2, berth alongside a quay, close the dock gates key 3. IWhen reversing the boat will move very slowly to account for it being a sailing barge, to keep as realistically as possible to real life.

Size 19.53 km
Height 277m


There is just one screenshot on the download link page for the route. I have also added a scenario to salvage a cargo of floating barrrels from a sailing-flat that has run aground and rescue the crew.

I will be changing away from the Solway Firth area and concentrate more on the preset routes with one drivable vessel startinfg from maybe the rivers Wyre or Ribble. Same with scenarios which I won’t continue with. Numerous different types of scenarios can be made, but that will be up to others if they wish.

I will still include animations for dock gates or locks and to start the vessels on their preset routes.
No critique wanted but discussion is fine


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