Silly artists anyway

Check this out, it is flat concrete, what a trip! I don’t know where it is from, a friend just sent it to me. Just thought that I would share.

Wow! That’s messed up… but cool at the same time! Is it a photo or is it made in photoshop?

No, I don’t think it was photo shopped. It was done in chalk, perhaps recorded by aerial photography ?

hmm…if that’s real, then that’s absolutely nuts! :eek: …in a good way

I don’t know this one is real or not, but look at Julian Beever’s incredible works. They’re all real. I mean his drawings are all on the flat surface. :slight_smile:

Click here for his pavement drawings.

Who is Julian Beever?

woah…I’ve seen those before! like the Batman one, it was in a magazine once… it’s really amazing, that Coke bottle really looks real :eek:

!!! There are no words to describe that much awesomeness and brilliance.

Crazy… sorta reminds me of an M.C. Escher work (crazy staircase deal)… neat picture.

Just one word :OMG

These kind of pictures have been done for a while, really gives an extreme realism when viewed from the right angles.

This makes me wish they could develop portable holodecks you can roll onto a wall or floor and it literally being a gateway into another world (perhaps finding a way to make heavy distortion of the fabric of space in such a thin device that’s nowhere to be found in Star Trek).:spin:

When you see it…

They just generize chat rooms now, go to the one that is closest to what you want to go to/…

I just had a crazy thought (that’s what I get for thinking). Where I live it gets very cold sometimes in the winter, It snows a lot and stuff, lakes freeze over and such. I was wondering how to do this on hillside or somewhere. Then I started to consider leaving foot-prints all over the scene (I don’t know, maybe I could just use foot-prints and not worry about color so much, let the natural light provide the contrasts?). Then I thought well why not try a frozen lake? Of course I would have to use natural food colorings or something like that as to not wreck the environment. What a trip though. Can you imagine driving by a frozen lake with a huge hole drawn on the ice and a giant trout jumping out of it? If it could be done correctly I would bet that people would just freak out when they saw it (and hopefully stay on the road). Well, something to think about I guess. I’ll have another year to think about it (at least). I am not sure that I am up to a project of that scale, yet it is fun to think about.

These things always look better in photographs than in real life, though, because of a lack of depth perception.

Looks like a bird pooped on it in the upper right quadrant.