Silly interface problem

I’m ashamed to ask such a question, but it is a recurrent problem for me.

I’m working on a model, and all of a sudden evrything is blocked. I no longer can acess any object (even though it is selected in the outliner), vertex, edge or face. I’m stuck. I have no option except going several versions back, and lose a whole lot of work. Obviously I have activated something by mistake, but I don’t know what.

Can you help ? Thanks in advance.

As I’m a newbie, I can’t upload anything. But you’ll find such a “locked” file here :
It should be smaller, I know; but I had to seize the opportunity…

Check the top, you should have tabs. Switch it from layout to modeling.

The only thing I can see as odd is you have overlays disabled?

That’s it ! I’ll make a note of it. Many thanks !

It’d be nice if, when loading, files came in with an optional “Maximum Visibility” – nothing Hidden, nothing Isolated, Overlays ON, no matter the state of the file when Saved.

It would sure save us noobs massive amounts of confusion.