Silly NLE/Action Question: Deleting Unused Channels

In my experiments with the Action Editor and NLE, I managed to create a number of IPO curves that are exported to the NLE, and a number of “actions” (as in, entries in the Action Menu). I can’t figure out how to delete either from my scene. I’ve tried the “Unlink Action” button (the X next to the Action Menu) but it simply clears the contents of the Action Editor without removing the Action from the Action editor. In Outliner view, I can see that the Action is attached to its’ object, but I cannot select or delete it independently.

I’m sure this is an utterly trivial question, again, but thank you for bearing with a newbie.

The ‘X’ button in the action editor, as the tooltip suggests only
“Deletes link to this datablock”, and doesn’t get rid of it for real.
This is because you might want to use them later or turn them off

To really delete the action block, press SHIFT F4 in the action editor
window, navigate to the folder named Action by hitting the “P” button
in this window to go up one level (since you’re in the default Object
level), right-click on the name of an action you want to delete
(highlighting it), and press “F”. The number of users will change to

You’ll still see it there, but once you save the file and re-open it t
will be gone forever.

Thank you!

Is there somewhere that this is documented? I thought I looked through the docs thoroughly and I didn’t see it, so if there’s a reference I should be checking and am not, I’d like to know about it.

I dont know about that,
I had to ask a good friend of mine how to do this just the other day so I had it sitting around in an email, I just copied and pasted it, but by god it worked
Thanks to Eugen, at
He is the man with all the answers