Silly plane track test

Just some random test with the new plane track feature. Edges are a bit jerky and stuff but I actually had pretty much fun doing this though.

Seems nice to me, for what it is (though you might be right about the edges, the left one doesn’t seem to line up perfectly). Though this seems to be more of a matchmoving-issue, rather than an actual tracking-issue?

Anyway, as I’m currently working on a project 4 which I plan to use planar tracking myself (and never tested it, so far):
Is there anything particular to watch out 4 (as far as planar tracking is concearned) or does it just work straight forward as advertised?
Just asking in case you noticed sth. you’d done differently in hindsight or so…

greetings, Kologe

Sorry for thread hijack, but I have noticed that you need to make sure that the plane you define is within the boundary of the 4 track points. I tried to create ones with larger plane (tracking features in the middle of a sign) and the plane just wobbled around a lot.

Couldn’t you start with a small plane, and then parent a larger plane to it (if needed?)

Steve S

Don’t know if you can parent plane objects to each other.