Silly question about tuhopuu2 future

I’m planning to update my gfx card. I want to start playing with vertex shaders and other stuff supported in tuhopuu2 Blender.

I’m not very informed about this project.

Is it an unofficial parallel version?

Is there a possibility to see its funcionalities integrated in the official blender releases in the future?

Is it worth to start learning it?

What can I do with my current card (nVidia GeForce4 MX 440)?



it is the “play” version, the experimental grounds for new features

yes, but how soon they will be in the bf-blender tree can vary a lot


I believe that card can only do vertex shaders [in software?], it can’t do fragment shaders [some things can still be done using extensions and nvida-only features, like normal mapping, but some things will be more difficult without multiple passes [I don’t think tuhpuu2 will allow you to use the extensions and do multiple passes, at least without a modification of the source]]. Your graphicss card probably also doesn’t support the shadow extension used in tuhopuu2.


Any hint for a card that is cheap and supports both vertex shaders and z-buffered shadows?

Thanks in advance,


Check out for good prices on computer stuff. I have a radeon 9800se that I’m fairly happy with. You can get one for $130. It’s not quite as good as a 9800 pro, but it definately can do shaders. Doom3 looks nice and runs fast :wink: I think the 8500 and up can do vertex shaders, I’m not sure about fragment shaders, but that might start at 8500 as well. If I were you I’d look for the best I could afford. I don’t have experience with NVidia, but you need at least a geforce 3 or 4 ti, the mx series doesn’t cut it. The FX5700 looks like a good buy, but I can’t really say how good a card it is.

Well, almost any card can do z-buffer shadows. Not as many support them directly in hardware. Cards that directly support shadows have the ARB_shadow extension. Shadows can be made to work on any card with EXT_texture_env_combine and ARB_multitexture though. (Tuhopuu2 doesn’t currently support the non-ARB_shadow method, but might in the future.)

For vertex and pixel shaders, you’ll need a card with ARB_vertex_program and ARB_fragment_program, respectively.

To get a list of cards that support any particular extension, check out this page: