silly question

(ox) #1

i know its a silly question
but i couldnt find anything here
i just want to know how i can save my rendered pictures`? :frowning:


(CurtisS) #2

Press F3 after rendering and type in a file name. Easy as that! :slight_smile:

(ox) #3

thanks :slight_smile:

(hweihe) #4

If you use ANIM instead of RENDER, the file will be stored. RENDER is only for previews. You can enter the filename and directory on the upper left side of the menu. The format (TGA, JPG, AVI) can be selected on the right side.


(ox) #5

i noticed that
but its making me files without an ending you know
i cant open this created files :frowning:

(hweihe) #6

On the right bottom of the menu you find a button “Extensions”. If it is activated, Blender is forced to append the extension (.tga etc.). If you forgot that, you can also manually rename the files from “blabla” to “blabla.tga” and they become readable.


(ox) #7

renaming works but i have set it to jpg and its the same as before
whats wrong?

(hweihe) #8

Like I wrote before: Activate the “EXTENSIONS”-button! It is located slightly above and a bit right of your last word “wrong”.


(ox) #9

o yaeh thats it :smiley:
one more question
how can i make an text
i found the text creation button
but i cant see it on the rendered pic
and i cant change its content :frowning:

(hweihe) #10
  • Select the Text (right click)
  • Press Tab
  • Modify the Text.
  • Press Tab again.

Normaly you can see the text. Do you have lights in the szene which illuminate the text object? Is the text in the clipping range of the camera?

With the text selected: In the Edit Buttons Menu (F9) you can enter an EXT1 value bigger than zero. This gives the text some depth.


(ox) #11

thanks :smiley:

(S68) #12


Render is to render an image, ad exactly the single current frame… ANIM is to render an animation, from start frame to end frame!


(hweihe) #13

OK, I agree. Seems that I got used to a pretty complicated workflow… :-?
F11 - F3 is indeed faster than setting startframe and endframe to the same value and pressing ANIM. That’s the problem of learning by doing…


(hannibar) #14

It’s very handy when you want let your image save automatically. I use it when I do a very heavy render. After such a render is done, it is sometimes difficult to save the image.
But to do this you have to set ‘start’ AND ‘end’ frame to 1.

(ox) #15

next question :smiley:
kann i turn an objekt
if have got 2 objekts
looking like this
and then i want them to look something like an dna model
you understand? :-?

(rwenzlaff) #16

No you cant automatically twist an object , but Yes there is a way to do it. (Actually, you might get close with “rotate around cursor” and prop. editing…But there’s a better way.

In the Edit buttons, there is a “screw” extrude. To use it you must be in front view. So from top view add a circle, then go to front view. Use ctrl-RightClick to add a line. The line wil dictate the center of your twist, and the length. select all the verts in the obj and the line (use the linked select - L-key), press “screw”.

If you need to twist an existing obj. Place the 3D cursor at the center of your twist. Select “rotate around cursor” button (looks like the 3D cursor). In frontview, select all but the bottom most set of verts. In top view hit “R” and rotate them. Back to front, select all but the bottom most two sets of verts, top, rotate, repeat as necessary.

You can use proportional editing (Grid button) if there is not a clean division line in the verts of your object…


(hweihe) #17

I just tried to make a DNA strang and it doesn’t look sooo bad:

(It is the first method that rwenzlaff mentioned)

  1. create zwo cubes.
  2. extrude them multiple times so that you get two vertical bars which are vertically subdivided.
  3. Place the cursor in the middle between them
  4. In Edit Mode select the vertex points which are on the same level
  5. In the Top View rotate these vertices around the cursor.
  6. Proceed to the next level at Step 4 until all levels are twisted.

By the way: Probably you will get more and besser answers if you ask new Questions as a new Topic and do not append them to your old questions. :slight_smile:

(RipSting) #18

To create a DNA strand… Intermediate level.

This will give you a perfectly even double-helix (Sorry it’s complex to explain, but I’ll try to make it easy):

1)In top view Add->Curve->Nurbs Circle
2)While in edit mode, Move all the verts 2 units to the left (Hold down CTRL)
3)Copy (Shift-D) and move 4 Units to the right and exit edit mode
4)In front view Add->Curve->Nurbs Curve
5)Delete the two lower-most verts
6)Select the remaining two and rotate 90 degrees so they’re now verticle
7)With the top vert selected, extrude (E) and drag up 1 Unit
8)Select the bottom vert and move it down about 10 or so units
9)Extrude the bottom vert 1 unit down
(You should now have 4 verts again, all lined up vertically)
10)Exit edit mode
11)With the new curve selected, go to the edit buttons (F9) and press “3D”
12)In the “BevOb”, type “CurveCircle” (CASE SENSITIVE!)
(You should now have two pilar-looking objects)
13)Enter edit mode
14)Select the top two verts and press (T) to twist
15)Circle your cursor around the verts to until the “Rot” value displayed at the bottom of the window is where you want it (360 is 1 full turn)
16)Exit edit mode
17)Press Alt-C to convert it to a mesh if you want

You’re done!