silly question

hello i m new to forums
i decided to begin learning modelling in blender and found out that there is a game engine in it.
i tried some blender games and saw that graphic level of them looks like in games 1997-2001 years (except Krum demo and Club Silo - they like 2002).
i understand thats it A REALLY HARD WORK - making games for not professional developers, but i want to know - is it possible to create game on blender looking like Source games (or little lower) and keeping normal frames per second .

i m not a fan of modern engines… at the moment i play Unreal , first Unreal, and cant say that it looks ugly - design is pretty = )
p.s.2 -i think the best engine is silent hill 3. haha

You might be interested in the Blender Games Expose.

The BGE is very capable already, a lot of people seem to underestimate what it can do.