Silo 12

Hi folks, my first post to Blender Artists. I’ve been playing with Blender on-and-off for the past couple of years. Recently I’ve been really enjoying the simplicity of the compositor.

I’m currently working on a 10-15 second VFX-style shot based on a modeling project that I started over at Digital Tutors. Modeled in Maya, and rendered in Mental Ray.

The tutorial covered the modeling, I then added all the textures and lighting.

I’m doing all the compositing in Blender. Here’s a couple of shots of the work in progress. The plan is to have a slow camera pan up that then follows the two “search drones” that are throwing their spot lights back-and-forth on the set as they patrol from screen-left to screen-right.

In addition to layering I’m using the compositor to focus from foreground objects to the set as the shot opens, control periodic glares on the search lights, and control the glow of the red lights, both using the time node.

Would love any feedback you have, and also any advice on how to add a film grain effect to the final shot to take some of the “sharp edges” off the CGI…. Thanks all.

Ambient Occlusion pass pre-texturing.

The Compositing Noodle in Progress

Test composited shot.


Very nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

Finally able to finish this up after a few false starts. Added in some flares from the fantastic GLFlares packs on BlendSwap.


wow which tutorial were you watching?

Impressive! Really nicely done.

Thanks Whopper. Panupat - here’s the tutorial I originally took:
As I say, the Blender component for me was all the flares, compositing, and VSE work. The original tutorial was in Maya.