Silver pendant print

My first print with i.materilise.

A shiny silver pendant that I made for my good lady.

The photograph does not really do it justice since the pendant is scratched in the photo. It came highly polished and scratch-free. I did not photograph it on the day it was delivered, and my wife wears it the whole time so it got scratched in no time at all.

The pendant and the dangly top bit (I have no idea what it is called despite being a real-life jeweller) were cast separately.

The image was labelled for the “great unwashed”.

very fine wire wool will remove the scratches on the pendent if you have the patient’s. you have managed to capture the elegance of the real pendent.

Awesome :smiley: :smiley:

Very nice from you! I love the lights setup.

Glad you like this!

The lights are an HDRI, specifically from here:

maste-r-mind, using wirewool or steelwool to polish silver is like using sandpaper to polish glass. The effect you will got might not be what you intended.

To polish silver (or gold for that matter) one would use tripoli for for getting out all the scratches and achieving a smooth, polished surface, and then rouge to impart a mirror finish and lustre, and this is usually done with a combination of brushes and polishing mops on a lathe. My preference is for brown tripoli (very greasy, but fast cutting) and red rouge.