silver steel problem

The four grey cylinders must look like silver steel after rendering.
I have tried some textures but it is not shining maybe somebody can help me.


metallic look

check out the material repository for metals
you should find some staniless and chrome ect
3 D repository

Blender procedurals textures
CD Blender


Yes I know but its getting worse
Don’'t understand trying now for about 3 hours to get a good shining steel cylinder.

The secret of any shiny material is giving the material something to reflect. It is the reflection that makes the illusion of a shiny steel material such as chrome etc.

This can be achieved by the use of such things as Background/Sky/HDRI/Enviornment maps or for studio settings mesh objects placed in space around the render object but out of sight of the camera. Make the objects white to simulate lights etc.

by simply changing the camera location you can see some reflection in metal

see pic
you could increase the Mirror reflection value a bit more
it’s only 0.3 so increase it up to 0.7 0.8 so that will be more like a mirror
and you can add some things around to make some reflections into the metals
like some walls other objects ect…

where is this thing used - just curious ?


Thanks , I will try that.
This is a rudder steering .

I have made it myself so we can show it on our website.
I am administrator by Promac.


you can also try some of the texture material in 3D repository
to give paint some texture would look more naturel
than flat color
do you put more tthings than just the rudder or some of the other things around
it would give more reflections on the shyni metal part


actually the yellow rudder and the blue pipes are textures.
But I am just a beginner.

I was trying to show how a rudder steering works.
Normally you can only see the “yellow” rudders the rest is placed inside the ship.

ok i see the text in file

you did put a pic as texture - that’s good

but still for the blue part you could put some procedurals textures to make it look
a bit more naturel like a little bit clouds with some NOR to give it some volume

anyway it’s up to you


Do you mean the background , this one is just a first rendertest , the background could be clouds or some billow / sea to get more volume yes I agree your right with that.

very nice when new

but after a few years could look more like this pic LOL

HAve fun
byt he way the cylinder looks too big for the rudder ?
shoudl be smaller i guess see pic details!


No the cylinder is not to big it is weld into the rudder,I have the original 2d cad drawings from our engineer. nice work you did with some textures but it is a brand new ruddersteering system we sell for new build ships .


your model seems to show a shaft that is too large compared to the size of the rudder


No it is not to long that is the construction.
should really be made that way .
It is weld ( gelast in dutch) in the rudder

In real the color you see should not be silver but also yellow
There should be a steel plate over it which I did not modelled.

so this is part of the design and not a mistake

are you goiing to add more details
hope you can show us the results later


I will do that no problem.
Here you see a picture in real of the design


how is a meter on this pic of a foot depending whith what you are used to work with ?

dimensins are always an important factor mostly in design but also with blender
if you want ot used the persepective effect


I made this picture to explain it to you.
Did not use this in blender , I used 2 cad drawings as background image.
like this for example.


i jsut wnat to know what was the dimensins in feet or meter for the width of your rudder
is it 1 meter or 10 meters wide >?

just ot get an idea of the size of the rudder

if it is going on a canoe then it is very small but if it is going on an ocean liner
than it must be super wide !


About 3 meters high.