Silver Trumpet

A new angle

Yay, progress


It’s gonna be pretty simple just sitting there on a stand next to a trumpet case.

Be as harsh as you want.

I didn’t know 13 year-olds were calling themselves MEN these days… TheMusicMAN.

Aside from your strange need to tell us your age… I think this is a nice WIP. Although, it would look better as a brass trumpet.

nice job,

I’m 13 too

Ok, you could be “only” 13 but your modeling skill is very good and for a 13 years old it’s just promising.
I like your material but for what I can see it make an excessive use of fresnel, and agree saying it would be better in gold nuance.

Keep it up and let us see it in its scene, good job.

I tried to make a brass material, but didn’t get it quite right, and then I rendered it in silver and it looked great. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be brass.

good improvement, now you could give it something to reflect…

I started modeling the music stand and then realized that you wouldn’t see much of it in the new angle.
Starting to work on the rest of the scene.