Silver Werewolf

Hey everyone, I would like to present my latest picture:

Here is the high resolution link (3,200X2,000)

I used Blender, Zbrush, and Photoshop. I also threw together a making of video, for anyone who is interested:

Thanks for checking out my picture!

Nice job! Esp like the fur tex, very well done…

Thanks a lot! =)

Epic stuff man! Really great
There are one or two things that could improve it though (IMO)

  1. The composition could be better, there is a lot of useless space on the left. I suggest rotating the camera so the werewolf is on the left third-line, and then perhaps filling the now empty space on the right with either just mist/cloud (so that the werewolf is above it [like here:]) or maybe a digital painting of a cityscape.

  2. The hair is more like needles than fur - add a blend texture to effect the alpha of each strand so that they fade out a little (Andrew Price (BlenderGuru)'s grass tutorial makes some great fur!)

  3. Enable ambient occlusion!

  4. Due to the limitations of Blender’s internal renderer, the bumpmap/specmap on the snow isn’t showing up where your single source of light doesn’t reach. Try add a hemi lamp that faces in the opposite direction as your key light.

That’s all I can think of! If you have any trouble or need some help, send me the blend :slight_smile: