My first actual ‘project’ that I’ve completed, this is ‘SiM’. Took a total of about 20 minutes, and consists of the building a house tutorial and the simple character tutorial from Noob to Pro.

All done in Blender, and rendered with BI.

Sorry, I accidentally edited the pic out of the original post… here it is again:

Strange, but great for your level of exposure. I’d begin to play with subsurf or beveling all edges and insetting the sidewalks into the grass. Then experiment with lighting, I might stay away from sun lamps until they can use shadow buffers.

Keep doing tutorials, doing projects, and living in Oregon :slight_smile:
It only gets better and better.

Lol oregon gets better? I hope so… I’m in the middle of nowhere XD

I’ve used subsurf and other lighting and such a bit, but for this scene I wanted it to stay really simple. The houses to be nice and straight edges, ‘perfect’ if you will, and the people to be smooth and almost clay-like.

In my mind the image is almost perfect. I realized after posting that the background may have too much green… so will post a second version where the houses repeat again.

Thankies :slight_smile:

i really like the idea of all these people being some sort of puppets living in a standartized environment, and the look supports that. maybe you could add some variation to their poses. i would also add some more objets into the scene, like simple bushes or trees just to bring life to the image.
i never used them, so i dont know how they look, but to my mind the toon shaders may enhance the look

Yeppers, thats exactly what it it. SiM stands for solitude in masses, as I can’t help but think people in standardized communities where everything is the same must be lonely…

Anyways, the poses are all the same on purpose actually… the people on the sidewalk as opposed to the walkway have posed legs as well, but that’s the only difference. I made everything in the scene from one house, one sidewalk, and two people, on purpose, to make a standardized world.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to add to it… originally I was going to never touch it again, but I too feel it’s a little empty… I’ve finally got the new image uploaded, and will add it to this post.

I’ll try to think of something to add that fits into my image in my mind :slight_smile: