simi - Fictional Watch

Been doing this for a class project. Modeled and rendered in Blender. :slight_smile:

Wow, very nice, I want one :slight_smile:
Did you render it with HDR?

Yes, the whole Ambient Occlusion with a light probe method. :slight_smile:

it looks great. amazing job!

very professional

Looks great. The one thing that looks wrong to me is that the characters on the watch display are above the reflections. Shouldn’t the reflections obscure the display characters?

That and, unless this is a scrolling watch, the words should all fit nicely on the screen. Yet, and still, I love the image.

the text does indeed scroll. :slight_smile:

and as for the reflections, you might be looking at the background as the reflection, didn’t notice that until you mentioned it…
(It’s skinable, also have this)

still working on that display a bit though…

Very nice reflections…but that backround looks like a reflection.

nice design and render!

awesome presentation and delivery. very nice. :smiley:

Great Image! How did you achieve the brushed metal look?

honestly, I just found a brushed metal material somewhere and modified it, I can post a blend if you want. :slight_smile:

…whow…5 stars, thats a first for me! :smiley:

Notice how the people that get five starts are the ones who aren’t expecting it because they were too busy blending to think about ratings? :smiley:

About the background, It’s cool but in this situation it REALLY looks like a reflection. Maybe if the white part was a darker brown instead of white it would look less like a reflection.

you also could try to make some strong reflektions on the glass so the background won’t look like a reflection I think…

real nice work … looks amazing