Simmetry modeling

I have a (noob?) question about simmetry modeling:
I create the duplicate of my half-divided object,
I mirror it and move to have it perfectly in place.
I join the mirrored object with original one with J key.
Then, when merging vertex in the center (I select them 2 by 2 and then
merge by center) all seems fine until I try to apply subsurface. when I do
there’s alway nasty artefacts in the center line.
I checked and seems to not have any vertex excess, and I couldn’t select
2 points faces or duplicated edges… (even if I suspect the artifacts to be caused by doubled edges)
There is a better way to re-join 2 half parts and then havin a fine
subsurface division???

Select all vertices in edit mode and then press Ctrl+N to solve your problem.

Better use the new mirror modifier. Make sure it is upper in the modifiers stack than the subsurf modifier.

you will not have this problem if you use a mirror modifier with “do clipping” turned on and use the apply button to join the halves…

[though you may loose vertex keys, shape keys, and vertex groups]

Thank you, mirror modifier wasn’t right way since some center vertex wasn’t
properly merged (with any settings), but CTRL+N did the trick.