Simon The Surfer

Here is an animation ready character that I created for a hypothetical 3d cartoon. All stages of the process (sculpting, modeling, texturing, grooming, shading and rigging) are performed in Blender 2.91 with the support of Photoshop to improve the quality of some textures. I chose to render in Cycles in order to take advantage of the power of the Principled Hair BSDF node and to disable the denoising option which affected the sharpness of the fur in an excessive way. Rather high rendering times at 3000 samples and 4k resolution despite my rtx2070 but I made sure that the quality of the final image was the best possible. I hope you enjoy!


Awesome character and renders - nice work!

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Molto Molto bello e accurato

Bravo bravo bravo. Complimenti.

@Daf57 Thank you very much! :pray:
@Cristiana_Baldi @Alberto_Frosini Grazie mille ragazzi, davvero onorato… :smile: