Simon's House

Hi guys, this is a project I started on my free time. I made it with Blender, rendered with Cycles.
I used some textures from the Poliigon site and tweak a few node trees from the The Cycles Material Vault
I wanted to convert a piece from Simon Stalenhag into 3D. This is my humble tribute to this great artist.
Please, let me know what do you think about it. Hope you like it.


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I think it’s absolutely great!

Great image!
Nitpicking: Your car is 100% levelled while on the ref it kinda leans due to the ground not being flat. Add a tiny bit of rotation to your model till it looks fine to you and you’ll be ok. If you want to better match the reference you’ll need color corr with a bit more contrast in it. Love it!

That’s beautiful ! I actually like yours more than the ref, the mood is kinda different, just my opinion :slight_smile:

Beautiful image, it looks pretty well.

Very well done. I like mood of the picture.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

You’re absolutely right about the car. I worked on the rotation but it seems was not enough. About the colour, it was intended to change the mood. The pic is at sunset time and my render is at dawn. Thanks for your comment.

hehe thanks! I can’t agree with you, but thanks anyway! :wink:

thanks men!

the picture is from Simon Stalenhag, I only created the render. Thanks!

Hi! here you have header oriented render of this project.

I like how ‘painterly’ the car looks

thanks! I had to look up the term though! hehe

Excelente trabajo amigo mio

Excelente, sigue a ese nivell…

Let me share the block out with you:

And Clay Render:

Wonderful, it looks real. Congrats!

Really like the final result, it reminds me some scene of a movie…Good work!:eyebrowlift:

Thanks! I’m glad you appreciate it.