simpel rig problem rotating head

The video above illustrates the problem.
I can turn the head to the trolls right without problem, but if I turn his head to the left it’s as if I’d turned the head to the right almost 360°
Since it’s a game character I kept the rigging minimal. only one bone for the body and one for the head. I used b-bones, maybe I shouldn’t?

Thanks for your help!

Hmm, I think the Roll might be off. Maybe this’ll work:
Select the body-bone and press Control+N. Now choose ‘Z-axis up’. Do the same for the head-bone.

You could also check the Roll value manually. Good luck!

thanks Senshi, I tried that, now I have the same problem but mirrored. When I turn the head to his left, everything’s allright, when I turn the head to his right it’s as if I turned his head almos 360° to his left. Any other ideas?

I’ve now seen that the head bone in edit mode in the bone tab of the properties window had a value of 3.142
I set this value to 0 and now it seems to work fine. Thanks for your input Senshi!

Glad to see you worked it out! =)