Simple 3D model wanted (closed, thanks!)

Edit: Please don’t send any more proposals - thanks!

Anyone interested in making a very simple 3D object for hire?

It’s not a big thing, just a pile of 6 or 8 polished copper tubes (organ pipes). A photo exists as an example. I tried to cut the tubes out of the photo, but that looked awful. After seeing some exciting artwork made with Blender, I downloaded it and found it obviously is a great tool, but I got overwhelmed by its features. Doing the model would be a lot easier for someone more experienced.

The image will be used as an icon for a software. I would assume this will take less than an hour to make, so $50 should be probably ok (PayPal preferred).

Let me know.

I could do that for you, it shouldn’t be too hard

I am interested. You can find my portfolio here

This would be no problem (I encourage you to learn blender, but if time’s an issue I can do this for you).
Check out my website:

From what you’ve described so far, I’m confident that I can provide you with an excellent result. I can even do the whole logo and not just the 3D component.
If you’d like me to do it we’d obviously have to talk a bit more about the details via PM or email. My email is [email protected].

Hey, that’s more response than I expected - thanks so far everyone.

I think I’ll need to be more specific with a better briefing. Expect to receive personal messages/email from me. Please everyone: Do not start working unless we agreed upon it - thanks!

I have started the work, give me 2 days. I will show the work.

kkrawal: Just in case you didn’t see that…

Alright thanks I will wait for proposal

Send me the photo and I’ll do it for you. I couldn’t care less about the money. Something like this I should be able to make in a few minutes.

In fact, forget I said that. I just realised that I shouldn’t do anything that could potentially prevent another blender user from getting paid for their work. Have fun making the model whoever won this.

i usually don’t reply to “for hire” projects BUT, this seams to have a musical purpose (which is something that i’m passionate about) so …
if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, I’d be interested in the gig - creating the image formats you need.
my web page is:

Hasta la vista!

Thanks for offering to the blenderartists - I can’t do it myself, but I am sure that you are bound to get excellent results from the fine folk here.

did you like these copper pipes?

Hello ansgeier

My name is Loai Hassanain. I believe that I can model the six or eight copper organ pipes.
I have tested the duration of modeling the one principal organ pipe, and it took me 2-3 hours. If you are looking
for someone to preform the task, please send a reply

Thank you everyone for your proposals. Checking them all and deciding for one is not easy. It looks every blender artists has a very personal style. This is really a vibrant community. I should have made it a public contest :eyebrowlift2:

Impressive knot of pipes, but not what I actually had in mind.

Please don’t add more proposals.

Hi my name is Stephan,
I think I am good enough to do this thing for you.
please email me additional information on this project
to [email protected]

For only $49.99 I can make a bigger pipes than all this guys together!

For $49.98 I will do it better then popski!

For 49.97, I will give you some nice pipes.*

*This is just a joke, I can make the model easy enough, but my education in texturing is sub-par.

Just like this thread :slight_smile:

kkrawal, please keep posting some more of your beautiful renders! We really like your copper pipes and if it’s not too much troubles, could you post another render of those but this time with a slightly different background color?
I don’t know about the other guys but i’d be impressed with a white one!

Thank you!