simple, abstract

Here is a rather simple and abstract pic (done in Blender). Say whatever you like about it.
And tell me what you see in it…

i like it most abstract on this forum is buziy and cramped i like this one because its peacefull and simple

nice. peaceful and simple. could make a nice desktop image if it were biggger… but the more I look at it, the more I think it’s a very small part of something much much bigger!

Looks like a well camoflaged snake. Real cool, I like it.

Very nice. The image talks of nature, life, and growth. I think with better composition it would work better. Also, the black background doesn’t seem to compliment the subject. Try different colors or textures.

I agree with munkey_mike about the background, it seems the wrong colour.

Very stylish render though, very fun. And yup, it sure does look like something much bigger and eviller than just this.

I like it just the way it is. Background, texture, everything. Nice work.

hehe nice man… really peaceful and simple… :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback :slight_smile:

And Roger and Gr8RedShark: I guess you are right about it being just a small part of something big… I’ve already got lots of ideas and will start working on it soon.
I’ve noticed that most of my bigger projects always start with a small project like this one… and then I only think of the context and the whole scene later on.

Now to the meaning of this pic: (I know some of you will say that takes all the life out of it)

Well, its a plant growing… the problem is, it has nowhere to hang on or climb up. So its only possibility it to grow up along itself (how sad). The problem is… the plant surely won’t get any bigger but just turn in circles.
So this is a kind of criticism on selfcenteredness and on tradition… it all goes in circles without going anywhere. One has to broaden his/her horizons to grow (mentally).

Well… thats my interpretation. But the pic is rather simple, so I guess it is possible to see other meanings in it. My brother said the plant was comitting suicide by strangling itself.

I like it alot. The background, the possibility of foreshadowing something much larger, and the interpretation behind it. Very nice work.

hehe,the idea behind this is simple,
if you change the background color to pure white,and make the plant black+dark green tones,the pic changes complately meaning(at last my mind says so) :slight_smile:

nice work.

The plant is strangling itself! Maybe something in the background like swirly colours would soften it up a little.