Simple addon for aligning textures other than TexTools?

Are there any available? Textools is glitchy garbage that keeps on nagging me to select “only 1 island” despite me doing so. It’s just extremely hard to use, and unpredictable. All I want to do is align identical wraps.

Identical meshes? To each other? Data transfer modifier, copy UV by topology.

(edit or I suppose copy UV maps from ctrl L menu, same thing but easier.)

Copy UV is for maya, and nothing happens when i press ctrl L. Where do I even press that?

Not sure what you’re saying.

3D viewport. “Make links” menu. Operation is “transfer UV maps” (from active to selected, by topology.)

Nono, not that :slight_smile: This is about making existing identical UV islands in the UV map overlap one another. E.g. doing this:

TexTools has ops that let you align selected islands, but apparently it fails in some cases.

If the meshes are identical-- to the point of vertex order-- then transfer UV maps will do that. Even as part of the same object. Separate, transfer UV maps, rejoin, weld. Obviously, if already different objects, only the transfer UV step is necessary.

Selected: two toruses created in a single object, unwrapped together to the same UV, separated, UV transferred, rejoined.

If vertex order is a problem-- there is quite a bit of ambiguity possible-- consider mesh->sort element.