Simple addon request - prompt operator panel (F6)

Hello everyone
I have a simple addon request that can automatically opens ‘operator’ panel (F6) panel every time you call any tool that uses this panel and close it by pressing (Return key)

instead of pressing F6 every single time this addon could save some time

There are some advantages using F6 floating panel
it and lets you

  • be closer to the mouse in 3d space
  • have better overview (usually I minimize operator panel in the tool shelf to maximize my working area and many tools that uses tool property panel needs a lot of space in both H and W direction, also if you have many plugins installed there is very little space for that panel )
  • if working in fullscreen you’ll save a lot of ‘T’ or ‘F6’ clicks :smiley:

+1 on this request.

I think that might be beyond the scope of a python addon. There is no easy way to tell if an operator has been called. You can always change your keymap to something a little more accessible than f6, which might be your best option.

This would be extremely useful for me. That operator panel in the tool shelf gets in the way of the tools. I would rather have it prompt instead.

Your best choice would be to swap the keybinding for redo-last with the search menu, i.e. use space bar to open the F6 menu and F6 to open the search menu.