Simple AI

simple AI

I consider releasing my poetry writing software

I currently have one version for Finnish language


One version for English

please do, please release it.

but how do I release it ?

I am currently 60 000 in debt. And practically get my cigarettes
from waste basket. Just last night we finished that song. I am on vocals.

After some thought, not deep think of Hitchiker’s guide to galaxy,
I will release as free command line based application and place
of download will be same domain as mentioned in last post.
I will TRY to do it soon

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i cant resist (especially these days)

Hello. I put up a drawing of mine done in 2.49b Blender, if it wasn’t
an earlier version. It took 2 weeks. The ash was not done by me, apology for not recalling who made the ash procedural.

The vocabulary for the lyrics software , the vocabulary was only in Finnish, currently I am missing the English file.

no idea, man. just thought it would be cool to take a look @

The source code is to preview
to anyone at time of writing
this post

Sometimes code can express more than words. :slightly_smiling_face: