Simple AI

simple AI

I consider releasing my poetry writing software

I currently have one version for Finnish language


One version for English

please do, please release it.

After some thought, not deep think of Hitchiker’s guide to galaxy,
I will release as free command line based application and place
of download will be same domain as mentioned in last post.
I will TRY to do it soon

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i cant resist (especially these days)

Hello. I put up a drawing of mine done in 2.49b Blender, if it wasn’t
an earlier version. It took 2 weeks. The ash was not done by me, apology for not recalling who made the ash procedural.

The vocabulary for the lyrics software , the vocabulary was only in Finnish, currently I am missing the English file.

no idea, man. just thought it would be cool to take a look @

The source code is to preview
to anyone at time of writing
this post

Sometimes code can express more than words. :slightly_smiling_face:

What kind of poetry is it? A blank verse perhaps? And it is prose that’s for "“simple AI”. Poetry, save for elusive emotions, is about measure (syllables, feet etc.) How did you solve that? Given all that I say it’s bollocks as poetry is not versified prose.

Really vague post… Would love to hear more about it though. I wrote a random story/poetry generator myself in English a few years ago - very simple, with a very limited vocabulary and more of randomness than any kind of AI – but… it produced some very interesting results. The question is, what could this be used for and how does one take something subjective like poetry with many different forms, meter, cadence and teach a computer how to do it?

I don’t see how it’s possible.

Google could probably come up with some kind of convincing poetry-bot, but still, what that bot produces won’t have a human soul woven into words.