Simple Animation Advice Needed For Title Animation

I am creating a cinematic title animation for a movie-style trailer. With the vast amount tutorials online, I can usually find what I need to know when it comes to blender. However, I recently came across something that I can’t find a tutorial for as of yet.

It should be fairly simple, so if you have any advice, I would really appreciate it.

My intended animation is simple:
Text zooms in from behind camera, then the space between the letters is increased, then the text zooms back behind the camera again.

I did this by using blender’s text feature and keyframing the position of the text object to get zoom effect I wanted. I also keyframed the ‘Character Spacing’ of the text under “Object Data Properties>Spacing>Character Spacing” to spread apart the letters gradually. This all worked out fine.

The only problem I am running into is:

To be able to edit and costomize the 3D text, I need to convert my text to mesh. (This is especially so for importing .svg titles).

I know how to convert something to mesh. The only problem is, when I converted my text to mesh, the “Character Spacing keyframing” doesn’t work anymore (which makes sense because it’s not a text property anymore).

What I was hoping some of you experienced jocks could share with me is an easy way to keyframe the position between mesh objects to have them spread apart (without having to keyframe each and every letter myself).

Like a way that I could select multiple objects and keyframe their distance between each other.

Thank you.