Simple animation from C4D to Blender


I’m a blender beginner, I’ve done some things with this software, but now I’m making an animation with C4D, pretty simple, just a manhole cover that flies. I need to create smoke coming out from its holes, and I was thing in use blender to render smoke and later mix the two scences (blender and c4d) with nuke.

I’ve crated a lowpoly objects with the same size and the same camera animation I would like to export this animation to blender and use it as emitters, colliders, etc.

Is it possible?, I was trying to export as FBX but there are some issues… bad keyframe animation (or not animation) for the manhole cover and camera… this kind of things.

Can anybody help me??.

Thanks and regards!!

A zip file is attached, contains two files (a fbx and a dae exported from C4D)


Archivo (122 KB)

Have something; no idea if this works as expected.