Simple animation help request

Maybe I’m intellectually challenged but after an absence away from Blender I can not find even a basic tutorial of how to animate a camera set to a path around an object. I have done my level best to search the forum, but am now appealling to you all for a link for my reference. Has blender changed the way it handles animation in the buttons window?.. Oh yeah, how about render and saving buttons for animation? I think I remember Ctrl + F12 though not sure about saving rendered animations.

For animation of the camera, simply move the camera to the desired position and press I to insert a location keyframe. Then advanced a few frames “Up arrow” and move the camera again. Repeat the ‘Insert (I) action as needed’.

As for animations, Blender automatically saves the animation when rendered. On Windows, the default is C: mp

But really, both questions are answered in the manual