Simple Animation Question: how do you animate a growing line?

Hi folks,

I want to animate a growing line like in this video:

^^ Not exactly the way it is in the video, but just need to know the basic procedure. For a project I’m doing, I want to create a line that grows and maneuvers around (If anyone remembers Raiders of the Lost Ark or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, there are brief scenes when a map is shown with a line animating Indy’s travel path across the world. This is essentially the same animation I want to do but with more curves.).

Please let me know and much thanks ahead of time!

That is done with a tapered extrusion.

The setup is made up of 3 curves. In the example file, the circle is the shape of the final rendered extrusion (edit this to alter the shape). The ramp controls the taper for the start and end point and the render_me curve is the final object that uses both shapes to define it’s profile over time.

Simply animate the End Bevel Factor of the render_me curve, located under the curve data context, to grow your extrusion.


268_grow_taper.blend (88.6 KB)

I think this way gives you more control. let me know if the video is difficult to understand or if it needs more explanation please. You can grow a vine as long as you wish and control the thickness better.

@kazinger: I just checked my 2.68a and both the AddOns mentioned in the video are no longer part of the base Blender package?

Really. humm. Ill ad links and audio soon.
Roto bezier is supposed to be in the trunk (2.8 KB)
grow radius links
the updated script:
a little video:

Thanks a lot guys. I got a little busy within the last week, so I will try your suggestions this week. I will let you know if everything works out.