Simple animation with Ipo curves


I want to animate the movements of some sort of little UFO in my game. I’d like to use Ipo curves instead of using motion actuators because I want it to undulate when moving, not going exactly straight.

With the “add” and “local” buttons, I thought the Ipo actuator was perfect for my needs but… how can I use several Ipo curves for the same object ? Should I make a big Ipo curve containing all the animations and then play around with the “start” and “end” fields ? That may work but looks like the wrong way to do it :no:

Any idea ?

I don’t have any idea sry but do you have your idea of ufo game from me? xD

Actually I’m not making a game about UFOs. It’s just one sort of enemy among a lot of others I want in my game.
Visit my WIP thread if you are interested.


Ah nevermind then sry.

I already saw your game. Looks really good! ^^