Simple animation works fine, but when I add audio, the animation stops part way

I made a simple animation of a cloth flying in a breeze. It looks fine and works perfectly. But I decided to add some music, and I added an audio track (.wav) file. It starts OK, both animation and music, but the animation stops, while the audio continues to the original length (250 frames). I know I am missing something, so I’ve looked at a lot of tutorials, both video and text, but none of them seemed to explain. Any help is welcome.

Please supply link to example blend file

The .blend file is on my computer. There is no URL to link to. Can I upload the file here somehow?

Still waiting for a reply on how to add a link or a file to post my .blend file

Use for uploading blends. There is a tab on the right with the blender symbol. Copy the link it give you after uploading and then you can paste that link here for us to download the file.

You can also upload to this site, but I have never done that.

Good luck!

Click “Go Advanced” for a post - then Click “Manage Attachments” then click “Add Files” then chose your file and click “Upload”, once uploaded, your file will move to the lower pane of the Manage Attachments window, then click “Insert In Line” and the attachment will be placed where your cursor is in your post. You can post blend files or images up to 2Mb, anything bigger goes in Videos go in YouTube or similar then post a url in your post. for a url, start your section with [u rl] and end it with [/ url] (without the spaces, its all in the forum FAQS). :smiley:

Cheers, Cock.