Simple Animations

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How do I create simple animations with Blender? For instance how do I create a box moving from left to right? Thanks for putting up a with a complete blender newb.

(BgDM) #2

There is a site called Juicy Blender. There are basic Keyframing tutes there. Do a search for it here.

As for a simple explanaition, do the following:

  1. Make a cube
  2. Place the cube at a starting position and press “I”, then “LOC”. This LOCates the cube.
  3. Change your frame (Little box that says 1 in it in menu icon bar), to about 50 or so.
  4. Move the cube to another spot and again, press “I” and the “LOC”.
  5. Change the frame back to 1
  6. In you viewport window, press “ALT+A” and watch the cube fly across the screen.
  7. add lights, make the camera track the cube, etc. and then in Render window, press animate instead of render and then wait. Also, change the last frame in you anim to the last frame that you entered a keyframe in, (for this example, we made it 50). It is defaulted to 250 in the render window.
  8. Make sure you press the “ESC” key on the render window when the anim is done rendering, or it will not work properly.

Hope that helps.


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Yes thats exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve been using flash for about a year now and I wanted to do keyframe animation just like in Flash. I just couldnt find the “timeline” or an equivalent that Blender uses.

Thanks BgDM

(theeth) #4

If you want more control for the keyframes, I sugest you look into the IPO window (click on the window type button and select the one that looks like a graph).