Simple Apartment Workroom Archivz

Hi, peace be upon you! My name is Audi Choiron, architecture student and novice 3d artist from Indonesia. In this thread I just want to share with you my latest interior archviz. It’s just a simple ‘copying’ study of beautiful image reference I found on Pinterest by Colin King.

So my workflow is really simple. First I modeled everything in the picture. From the wall, window, chair, desk, and so on. The models that I used in this is the Bust of Napoleon by Oliver Laric and small vegetation on top of the desk by papalegoas3. For the background I used beautiful photographs from unsplash with image as planes addon. For the lighting I used HDRI by HDRIhaven and a simple area light in front of the window as with portal turned on. All the textures is a free texture from numerous sources.

Thanks for reading. Any critiques and suggestions are welcomed.


Very clean and simple, good job!

What I can say that doesn t look right is the rug, that can be improved, but the rest is very good.

Simple nice. Love the “scandinavish” mood :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight, I’ll try to improve it next time.

Thanks dude