Simple Armature Collision

So I had an armature, set its collision to dynamic and it fell half-way through the floor. I fixed this by placing the origin of the armature near the feet. This led to my realization that collision is highly centred around the origin of an object. It’s great and all that I can walk on the ground, but if there’s a tree branch, and I want to duck I would like to have collision be a factor. I do not wish to set the collision bounds to anything but convexhull, but this is not working. Basically, my feet collide with everything, but high objects pass straight through my torso. Ideas?

Okay, so apparently you can’t set collision bounds for armatures (at least effective ones). So I made a mesh in the shape of my armature and set it as a parent to my armature…but now how do I animate my collision bounds mesh?

ok, so there is no easy way to go about having a physically correct moving armature,

having a rigid body system … is the only way I can get 100% reliable collisions.

Is this for your actor to be interacted with or to interact with other objects?

In general, you shouldn’t have the armature object be collision enabled. It should be parented to a collision-enabled object (the collision bounds); you’d control the bounds for movement, and trigger animations on the armature. As for ducking or something to that effect, I think you could replace the mesh of the bounds with a half-height one, or have a child that represents the upper half of the character that gets moved down when crouching. You’d do well to search on the forums, as this is something that gets asked every so often.

Normally I’d agree, but I’m making an advanced combat system in which an enemy swings a sword at you and it has the chance of missing you by inches.

I found out how to do this. Children of the armature have messed up collisions, but if I make several square-shaped meshes in the same position as the bones and parent the individual objects to the bones, then it works perfectly! (For example, if it plays an animation of the arm swinging at the character’s side, and I run into something, depending on how I run into it, there is a chance for the arm to get caught on the object.) Thanks, anyway!