Simple Armature for Tree

Hey I have a question for you rigging experts:)

How should I go about creating a simple armature for the trunk of a tree which uses a noise modifier to create wind movement? Is there a way to do it and use auto weight to correctly weight all the branches and leaves?

BTW I have already played with Sapling extensively so I’m familiar with what it can do. I would like to have more control over the animation and also simplify it as well. Not every branch and leaf need to move freely. Entire portions of the tree could sway together to get the effect I’m looking for. It also seems that physics is not the best method with soft bodies either. The tree meshes are far too complex.

Anyway I appreciate the help and knowledge you guys have. Rigging is just a bit out of my wheelhouse:)

Approach for a simple tree armature:
For the trunk I would create two bones. For a branch also two to three. How many branches there are depends on the tree.
Then parent the tree with automatic weights to the bones.

Create an action for the root bone swaying back and forth and back again (to the original position for looping) over a couple of frames.
Add this action to the other bones and randomize it: add it in (Shift A) a few times and scale in length, maybe reverse, maybe add a Noise modifier,…
If needed, create some more actions to combine…

Thanks for the response motimo, would there be any benefit to doing something like a lattice modifier and animating that maybe with a procedural texture? Again I’m not even sure how to approach something like that since I don’t have much rigging experience so that might be a stupid question;) For me a simple general sway should do the trick. Obviously getting more random movements and turbulence would be nice. As long as the tree is not in a wind storm I think a simple sway would work.

Lattice might work too if not overdone. For a believable look the trunk and branches should keep their volume and not be stretched/squashed, right? So I would use the lattice only if you want to sway the whole tree a little. Otherwise it might look rubbery.
You could also combine bones and lattice: Animate some branch movement with bones, then add a lattice modifier over the whole tree to make it sway a little…