Simple array animation

Hi is it possible to create something like this (created in C4D with Mograph) where objects in an ‘array’ are individually animated non-destructively? (Similar to how the plain effector works in Mograph I think)… I know I can set up the array using dupliverts but can’t work out how to effect individual objects in these setups. Thanks for any thoughts.

If you’re using dupliverts, you can move the dupli objects around with any technique that animates the parent object’s vertices, such as displacement, hooks, armatures, lattices etc. Shape keys and simulations like softbody would work too. What kind of animation are you trying to achieve?

Hey thanks for your reply,
In the picture the colour and the position of the individual blocks is animated around the circle in a wave type of motion (not sure if I described that the best)… I was mainly trying to work out how I could achieve a similar result, ie. animate the position and colour of the blocks around the circle. I understand what you mean about animating the parent, I will play around with it some more. Thanks

Off the top of my head, to get a wave around the circumference you could use displacement driven by an animated texture, or assign the parent object as a canvas in dynamic paint. I’m not sure how you could change the material properties of individual duplivert instances. Maybe use hair particles instead?

To change the colour of the blocks, I have used this technique in the past:

  1. Create a Cycles material with two Diffuse Shaders plugged into a Shade Mixer, one is one colour (White) and the other is another (Red).

  2. RMB Click the Mix Shader FAC and select “Insert Driver”.

  3. Set the Driver variable to the Blocks Z height in Local Space.

  4. Set the Scripted Expression to be var * factor - where factor means that the max value is 1. So if your block moves 2 units in Z as the animation runs, the factor would be 0.5.

So the the block is low down, the colour is the first shader (White) and as it rises it changes colour to the second shader (Red).

This works for me!

Cheers, Clock.