Simple Asset Manager 2.8


(Tibicen) #22

Updated to version 0.4:

  • fixed forest.exr not found error
  • fixed particle system scene render preview
  • fixed updated api changes
  • fixes hdr duplicate import when importing again the same file. Now it just assigns the world with hdr you’ve previously imported. (this way you can modify node settings for each hdr and still can switch them)

(DvStudio) #23

Now it works well with models.

(Botoni) #24

Great addon!

It would be fantastic to link collections like does blender 2.80, which can be scaled and moved around.

(Edmis) #25

very awesome addon.

would it be possible to make multiple different directories? if for example material or hdri are not subfolders

(Tibicen) #26

For now only particles, and materials are separate folders to import those. HDR suppose to work anywhere.

There are 2 possibilities:

  1. Have “multidirectory” - so then when addon se a blend file you will have to choose what to import/render. Material, collection/object, particle system. So probably it would end up in 3 different buttons.
  2. Have it as it is - so we can be (must be) nicely organized, but later during your regular workflow there would be only one button for it. :slight_smile:

Of course this addon could go through each blend file and check what folders (obj,mat,particle sys) are inside and decide on that what to import, but now it only checks if the file exists. Few less steps.

Long story short: Except of materials and particle systems you can have it all in one directory.

(Edmis) #27

Yes, i guess it depends on workflow and asset organisation :slight_smile:

(DvStudio) #28

I believe uv map of the UVsphere used to create previews is wrong.


(esimacio) #29

If i find this usefull I will donate to you. Could I ask how much time did you use to develop this addon / script? and did you work alone?

(Tibicen) #30

Updated to version 0.5:

  • fix material sphere UV according to nice trick from CG Thoughts

Thanks for all the feedback @demetrioviviani. I use object, or generated UV mostrly in my work, so it was hard to see the problem :).

@esimacio I’d be glad, but of course addon will be free. I’ve made it cause I needed it. I spent around a week in the evenings after work to draw the idea and clean all the stuff till this stage. But I was preparing to this for a while alrady. I’ve made couple of addons but mosty without UI, only for my personal analysis purposes. But all the other addons helped me a lot to write this one. So it is hard to say how many hours :).
And yes I did it alone, but was greatly inspired by node wrangler, and existing blender interface.

(Britain) #31

Havent worked much with it but when you append or link a large file such as a multi component engine. It throws all the parts into the Scene collections. It would be nice to add them into a collection folder there. If your Scene Collection isn’t organized this will be a problem and a lot of work placing everything into a Collection folder. Is this how it works?

(DvStudio) #32

It would be nice to be in alphabetical order. :ok_hand:

(Tibicen) #33

Next week I will try to apply Collections idea, and alphabetical order ( :stuck_out_tongue: no idea how this happened.)

My thought on Collections was:
for each asset create separate collection and add it to “Assets” collection. So later all the assets can be hidden at once, or append as instance, or do whatever :).

(z01ks) #34

Great Addon!

I would like to make a couple of humble suggestions.

  1. Ability to have a pop-up at the cursor by pressing a hotkey.
  2. Ability to assign materials to selected objects automatically.
  3. Not appending a duplicate of the same material that is already in the scene.

Thanks again for sharing the add-on. It’s super useful!

(andreimd87) #35

please make it compatible with asset management library !!!

(Tibicen) #36

Can you direct me to some docs?

(MmAaXx) #37

oooh man, you made my day!

in 2.79 I used asset management addon, that was actually great, but the guy didn’t update it yet, so thanks!!

I bought you a beer :slight_smile:

(esimacio) #38

where the “simple” asset manager is place now, is that the best place for it? Or is a programming limitation.

(Canseco Gpc) #39

There was a little change on the 2.80 addon API today that broke some plugins, like yours:

So next daily build tonight will be affected by this.
At least it was easy to fix by renaming references to user_preferences for preferences.

(Georgesd) #40

Great stuff, thank you!

(Tibicen) #41

Thank you. I’ve fixed this. I’ve had some intense period before christmas, but now I can finally sit down to some fun stuff and make some progress here. :slight_smile: