Simple Asset Manager 2.8


(z01ks) #62

Yep I actually had the same problem :slight_smile:

(Tibicen) #63

Updated to version 0.9

  • fix silen enum error!
  • Imports collections from blend files
  • imports particles groups into Assets/Particles
  • can choose exr for render previews
  • fix render previews (previously it was opening only new instance, now it works fine)

P.S. Sorry for earlier issues, I’ve missed minor thing and broken rendering part. :stuck_out_tongue:

(giobbo) #64

when i click on render missing previews i get this

it works but shows me an error
that continue to pop up while i move cursor over blender options interface
anyway thx for this addon

(Tibicen) #65

0.9.1: Hopefully fixed that, thanks for testing. I’m a little bit afraid cause of '0' matches no enum, cause i found I’ve missed possibility when user go back to folder without subcategory, and then add-on looks for non existing subcategory he was in previous folder. But it usually errors with enum > 0.
If you have a second and tell me the steps how you ended up with this enum 0 error, that would be nice.

(giobbo) #66

i ve just created a new .blend file and saved in the library directory without any category, than i opened addon panel and clicked on render missing previews because of an empty thumbnails of the new saved .blend and i got error.

(Peetie) #67

Tried the latest version, but strange things are going on:

  • I append an asset but it got linked instead.
  • When rendering missing previews, it starts up another blender instance and stops at the splash screen. The option to open in same instance doesn’t affect.
  • Categories with subcategories doesn’t show thumnails anymore.

I will revert back to previous version, which was workable.
But thanks for all the effort making this nice addon. Asset-managers are very usefull.

(Tibicen) #68

Ok, probably rushed to fast with this one, only testing the categories.

  1. I will check that in the evening. This is strange behaviour. Link is when you can’t edit any marameters, only have to edit it externaly, you mean that?
  2. Unfortunately it works like that, but it should render missing elements. I’ve tried do it in batch mode without any windows (separate instance but not visible), but then it shouts errors (doesnt see default exr files to lit the scene). [ OK! Found out how to render and close blender instance, no more confusion. still have to reopen blender in some situations, or simply change category.]
  3. Fixed that.
  4. @giobbo Got it, haven’t testes with no categories, fixed now.

Thanks for your help. I hope you’re not so annoyed cause of testing. v.0.9.2 is updated.

(Peetie) #69

Hi @Tibicen
Wow, that is fast. Thanks for the

  1. Indeed, when appending some object, I cannot edit them. Cannot even delete them with x. It seems only to happen on some categories, not all. (Mainly where I use boolean modifiers / non-destructive assets.)
  2. ah ok. Thanks. I understand also another instance has be opened.
  3. thanks.

(Gfx Manx) #70

Hi again, I can’t thank you enough for this addon. It is one of the best of its kind. I donated to you, I hope it is enough for a beer :wink: I have a question: would it be very difficult to change location of the addon from where it is today and to let say layout tab?

Best regards

(Tibicen) #71

Thanks! Layout tab what do you mean?
Somebody already asked for a shortcut. Maybe creating a popup. Possibly I could also make an option in preferences to switch the places. Most of all I consider making it simple. So it suppose to be the smallest in UI and not invasive with options in workspace. Preferences can grow :).

My suggestions would be possibiities to have it here:


  • top bar is designed mostly for active tool settings, so i don’t want to mix things up.
  • popup would be nice idea
  • as for properties panel scene would be best (cause object panel works only when there is active object), but it is not so used tab, mostly when setting up the scene, not during a work).
  • some addons (like archipack) use tools tab on the left. As I understand the idea behind it, there suppose to be one tool (ADD tool), where all the add/import/generate addons are combined, and then on the right in properties under active tool tab would be all the addons with all the settings drawn. Otherwise, i would consider 3dview left tab as “one click” tools.

But of course i don’t really understood your placement proposal, if u can explain it better?

(Botoni) #72

Ok, your addon is becoming the best asset manager I’ve tried by far (according to my personal preferences, sure) I like it a lot. The thumbnails look excellent, the “simple” approach is great, and the folder and files structure needed is a no brainier solution that is easy to maintain and navigate.

It’s reaching the perfect state now that it supports linking collections, it would be great to have an option to instance the collections directly like blender does, and choose which collections to link/instance from within the file, but really it’s sufficient the way it is now :star_struck:

Then, I don’t know if it’s a bug of the addon or the last version of blender (linux 64, 01-26-2019), but when I save, the contents of the linked collections (the ones linked from the addon) disappear :sweat_smile:

(Tibicen) #73
  1. About instancing: there was 50/50 need of having them straight into scene or instance. For now it is easy to just hidde “Assests” collection and have additional step of “Add/collection”. But maybe I should add another option to hide Assets and import as a instance in your current collection. [EDIT] Ok i get it now :). I got the idea that you can import only the collections you want from the file. My idea was behing asset library was to have as many separate files as possible, so when baking up to the cloud (or shomewhere to git repository) you will update as little as possible. When you have more collectons in one file and you want to update it somewhere, then the whole blend needs to be updated. :confused: I’m trying to avoid it :slight_smile: .
  2. :open_mouth: :smiley: !!! That not suppose to happened. Ok, i will check on that. :confused: Maybe something about fake user settings.

(Botoni) #74

Sure, I also try to keep my models in separated blend files, but sometimes it’s inevitable to have different collections in the same file, for example, a modular sofa, it’s convenient to have the whole sofa in a collection, and each module (consistent of a base body, a cushion, an armrest…) in its own nested collections, and sometimes you want to link the “preset” sofa with all the modules and sometimes want to link the modules separated to do a larger sofa or with more or fewer corners, etc.

Other times it’s just a mater of commodity, like having several color variants of the same model in the same blend file, returning to the sofa example, a leather sofa, a white fabric sofa, a blue fabric sofa… This will have even more sense when static overrides are implemented, because it won’t be needed to duplicate the object to apply a different material, just instance the collection and apply the override.

(Tibicen) #75

Small/big update v 0.9.3

  • added UI popup (panel as operator), so now Simple Asset Manager can be shortcut’ed, and searched in tools search or added to quick tools. No default shortcut, but you can easily create one by rightclicking on it in tools search (F3)

@Peetie @Botoni I couldn’t recreate both of your bugs in x64 win build from 2019-01-26. :confused: I was trying do do simple stuff with booleans, but it worked with no problems. Maybe you can share the file with me and where it was placed in library.

(z01ks) #76

Yes! Will test right away :scream:
Edit: having a hard time figuring out how to add a shortcut. I can’t find the Simple Asset Manager in the Search Menu. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. Is there a bl_idname that I can type in while creating a new shortcut?
Render previews works :slight_smile:

(Tibicen) #77

It is supposed to work.
Can you check the output in console [ Window/Toggle System Console ]? And maybe try to put here as code?
And check what version you have?

(z01ks) #78

Oh it started to work, not sure what I did. Maybe the blender restart. But I don’t think I can right click things in this search menu, so I’m still unsure how to add the shortcut.

(Tibicen) #79

ok, it is fixed now. I’ve added it to View3D/Add menu, and from there you can assign shortcut. :slight_smile: thanks for feedback.

(z01ks) #80

Beautiful! Thanks!

PS. Needed to restart blender to see it.

(Gfx Manx) #81

I am not agree with you that pitiwazou have a better addon, it is not as good as yours, far to complicated.
yours is simpel an easy to understand.