Simple Asset Manager 2.8

Excited to find an asset manager for 2.8. SAM seems to make it happen. But why does rendering thumbnails still not work for me? Read the earlier posts about it. Downloaded latest versions of Blender and SAM. Hitting the render button just keeps opening a new instance of Blender. Anyone?

When rendering stops, open the system console, there you should see the error in the latest paragraphs. Copy-paste it here.

Thx for replying. Don’t have a Toggle System Console in the Window Menu of Blender. I’m on a Mac.

Just downloaded the release candidate of Blender. Now is works. Thx anyway!

Category doesn’t work on Linux Mint, I had set the Category in the add-on settings, but it doesn’t work

Got the bug. Unfortunately I didn’t implement undo magic, so the “last command” window doesn’t work for those. Sorry for that.
So only toolbar and command (F3 search for “simple asset manager”).

Thank you, it works on the toolbar!

Hi there! I’m having a bit of an addon clutter and I’m trying to organize according to each workspace.
When I activate Filter Addons on the Active tools panel, SAM is not being listed. I’m not sure if this has already being reported but I’m doing it just in case.

Thank you! I use your manager very frequently and is awesome.

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Happened the same to me and it was because of conflicting 3d models, either corrupted, with huge/tiny units or old fbx versions. You may find which one is causing trouble in the console.

Hi. Very nice and useful addon! Just encountered a problem when trying to add a second particle to an object. It seems he just creates a copy of the first one added. He also doesn’t add anything new to the hierarchy. (blender v2.80.74)

I found the reason why SAM wasn’t being listed when ‘Filter Addons’ is checked. All Import-export addons are ignored by this. So within bl_info I changed to “category”: “Add” instead of Import-export and it worked. Hope this is useful!

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My bad. It works. I just fogot to rename the particle settings and not only the particle index.^^

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