Simple Asset Manager

Same here, not working with 2.93. Any chance of an update, or will the addon no longer be developed because of the introduction of the ‘Asset browser’?

Hi @Tibicen , will you plan to update for the 2.93 version?
Thank you.


Updated to verision 1.2.1
Simple Asset Manager

  • fix for 2.93.3
  • hides ._ files on macOS

Quite a long silence, sorry for that. I wonder if I should update SAM to work with blender native asset manager? As a secondary interface? So the folder structure would dissapear, will adapt UI to work with the blender asset browser.
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For all interested. The issue was that properties needs to be now annotations.
I was creating dynamic properties and coudn’t figure out how to do dynamic anotations. Now i know, for those who needs it: just wrap your attributes into __annotations__ keyword :).
dynamic_cats = type("simple_asset_manager_categories",(bpy.types.PropertyGroup,), {'__annotations__': attributes})