Simple Automated Wing Fluttering?

Hello everyone
(this must be my first post in the animation forum)
anyways, this is the situation:

I have a lil fairy with her fluttering wings moving around a scene, the problem is that whether she moves up or down, the fluttering is still at the same speed (and I don’t wanna animate the variation of the speed of the fluttering cuz it will be hell if I come up with the idea of modifying the movement of the fairy).

So, this is my idea, have a script attached to the wings that runs the fluttering IPO to a determined speed according to how the fairy moves through the scene, is that practical?

If so; how can I get, say, the position of the fairy in the next frame so I can substract it with the current position of my fairy? (and do my crappy trigg calculations to find out total distance travelled :slight_smile: yay simple math!)

BTW: is my logic ok? I mean, to calculate the speed of the fluttering I need to see how much the fairy will move by the next frame and from that calculation apply speed to the fluttering to simulate that the fairy is making an effort to impulse herself.

OH! and if making a script for this is nonsense, please DO tell me :wink: ,


You can simply do this with the NLA; the speed of the action change accordingly to the speed of the path.


I was also wondering if any of the game-engine sensor/actuator logic could be applied if necessary…

NLA… sounds useful, and just what I wanted…
but I never used NLA, how do i do this? :-? (feeling like a noob :slight_smile: )

Suggested by Timonides: :slight_smile:


Thanx for the links! :smiley: I think two are broken, but the blender doc link works just fine. Thanx again :slight_smile: