Simple bake... problem

Hi everyone !
I tried to bake a VERY simple thing in blender, you know all default, no material, default color, just a secondlife avatar ( for those who know ) … ok, i set it smooth, right but just a greyscale thing to try…

Anyway, here is my result:
(Here was supposed to be a picture, but seems i can"t post picture cause i’m a noob so i describe) all faces are not rendered the same way some are black, some MUCH lighter, in the middle o.O. I didn’t stopped the process, and tried many times, always the same faces are not rendered.
Note the arms at the bottom.

So i just imported the object, created a PNG and baked into it as “full render”
I would like to know what i do wrong ? Please if someone could help

Oh… Sounds to me like you baked your shading onto your texture. Try setting its material to shadeless before baking… if that’s not it your going to HAVE to learn how to attach pictures to your posts or we cant tell what has happened.