Simple bathroom interior

Hi there, people! I wanna show you my last project. This simple bathroom. All was made in Blender. Rendered of course in Cycles. This is my debut on BA. :slight_smile: Hope you’ll like it.


Some more images. You can see all in high resolution here -

Some other images. You can see all views in high resolution here -

love the close ups :slight_smile:
There is nothing reflecting in the mirror, I think a reflektion of a door or somethin else would pump up the realism.

Thanx :slight_smile: Yes, I thought about reflection of a door in the mirror… But… I don’t know why didn’t I do it. Maybe I was slightly tired of this project))

Don’t reflect anything in the mirror. It is great as it is now because it is perfecyly balanced. Great work.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: