Simple bevel question

When I try and bevel a single face on model the entire model is beveled. How do I only bevel what I have selected?


There is a script that comes with Blender called Bevel Center. Split your screen so you have 2 windows. In a 3d window, select the object, go into edit mode and select what you want beveled. Go back to object mode, and keep the object selected, in the script window, click on Scripts…Mesh…Bevel Center. There are some settings to tinker with, but give it a try. Hint, make sure you have used ctrl-a to apply scale and rotation to the object first.

Best of Luck!!

Well I tried what you said but the script would’nt work. I get this error output in console:

 Using Python version 2.4
Unable to load: libtiff.
Try setting the BF_TIFF_LIB environment variable if you want this support.
Example: setenv BF_TIFF_LIB /usr/lib/
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 349, in bevent
  File "<string>", line 381, in bevel
  File "<string>", line 118, in make_faces
  File "<string>", line 88, in get_v
  File "<string>", line 63, in make_sel_vert
NameError: global name 'v' is not defined

Blender quit

I dont thing libtiff is my problem, but what I know.


Do you have Python 2.4 installed? Blender will work without Python installed, but some of the scripts need Python installed, and the Python path set up in Blender.

See this thread:

Also, use only Python 2.4X. Blender release numbering coincides with the major release of Python. Download Python 2.4 here:

Best of Luck!

I don’t remember installing python and the script works for me in 2,42.

I think if you search a little you can find a fixed version of the script.

I’ve had the same error message before- just keep trying until it works correctly. It usually only takes another attempt or two before it bevels the selection. Oh, and I don’t have python installed either.