Simple Blender Animation ( 8 seconds )

After finishing grad school, I jumped right into teaching myself Blender 2.5.
This is one of the first scenes i worked on and is part of a larger animation
project I’ve been working for the past year.

please let me know what you think, all crits appreciated


I like it, very high-energy.

Well, its a bit too linear. However, the sudden change of the position of the objects has a quite nice looking effect, because all the movements are really fast.

Its hard to tell without knowing the purpose of that scene, but you can add or simplify a lot of things here to have more variations and/or effects that will match your project best. For example, you could simply add another animation with a camera following one of that ojects. Depending on friction you could add a lot of fast vibritions and small shakes here, also some rattling wind noises.

The scene now looks like the objects (and camera too) have no air resistance at all and the camera is a bit too angular. I would suggest that the camera has some more delay, it reacts to fast to the very fast movement and positioning changes of the objects. The first two camera pannings are looking the best, after that its kinda loses focus on the speeding objects. However, its still looking nice, a bit like a gameplay trailer. And you have some good spots there to add scene cuts.

What i like:
The idea itself
That fast movements
Possibility to add a lot of stuff and additional scenes (if you wanted to)

What i don’t like:
Camera focus and movements of objects are a bit too static (until its intended)
almost no de-/acceleration changes

Good luck with your project!

I want to see more.

Thanks for the detailed critique, these are all really great suggestions I appreciate it - especially the fast vibrations, and the suggestion of more camera delay.

I know the scene is a bit out of context, so i’ll try my best to create a short montage of my animation project for a more in depth crit.

Thanks again,