Simple Blender Animation ( 8 seconds )

After finishing grad school, I jumped right into teaching myself Blender 2.5.
This is one of the first scenes i worked on and is part of a larger animation
project I’ve been working for the past year.

please let me know what you think, all crits appreciated


The only thing I don’t like about it is the reflections on the crafts. I don’t think it really works as the rest of it has that cool cartoony look to it. Otherwise I think it’s great.

It is very hard to critique, because your work has obviously not been planned out : the camera keeps losing focus of the main challenger and the animation doesn’t convey a sensation of speed.
Animation is a deep, complex domain to learn by itself. Just as drawing or modeling, it requires one to carefully observe motion and weight in nature and extract its essence in order to re-combine what has been learned by imagination.

I’d recommend you to take a step back and grab training material on composition/film making and on animation (you can find some on 3dmotive, gnomon workshop, websites like animationphysics and animation arena…).

Good luck !

“obviously not been planned out” is obviously incorrect. I like the camera movement.
" doesn’t convey a sensation of speed" I think I watched the wrong video. These are the best things about this video it the action.
I know you are looking for critique but I say this scene is fine. Work on the next scene.

@katinger what is the point of going forward if you haven’t learned from the past?

regarding camera movement:
It’s obviously a matter of taste. I personally don’t like hectic roller coster camera movements like you see in summer movies such as the transformers. and if someone use them he should be very carefull about it, especially regarding the composition of his image.
the part in the end when the camera goes up with the spaceships is very confusing and hard to understand what’s going on. If you want to keep your spacesheep up movement you should consider a cut to a different camera angle

further more if you want to achieve a fast motion your objects could move faster in comparison to the background.
and not necessarily make fast camera moves. maybe few more details and shadows on the background could also help with that, even though you do have a bunch of details, and if you do add, then again you should be careful with composition .
also changing the distance and size between your objects (spaceships) can help a lot. I personally scale a lot of times to cheat in this kind of situation (especially when your objects are limited with how much you can move them in their 3d space).

motion blur is obviously also helpful.

Regarding animation, your spaceships could have some more weight in their downward motions, improving your curves and add small anticipations can also add to the sense of weight

but overall doesn’t look bad at all. I think only the last part is something you should defiantly consider to re-work.

thank you for all the replies and taking the time to watch the clip, much appreciated!.. I’ve almost forgotten the benefits of critiques and this definitely helps me to re-evaluate my approach in not only in redeveloping this scene, but making the necessary adjustments to scenes I’ve already finished and future scenes. All of the suggestions on the thread have been totally constructive and I’m definitely looking forward to posting more scenes.

Thanks again,

Overall, this is very good for a relative beginner. I think the ships are a little shiny, and I think the main issue is when the camera loses sight of the main ship at :03 seconds. As a whole, I think the ships’ turning speed was too high, it didn’t really make them look rocket-propelled. Also some motion blur would do this animation a world of good. But like I said before, a great start.