Simple Blender animation in 360 for Gear VRd

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone has worked out how to create an animation for the Samsung Gear VR.
I have successfully created a simple scene that you can look at in VR (but no moving objects) by the following:

To create a 360 photo
Select Camera, choose 2nd renderlayers tab, tick views, choose stereo 3d
Select camera tab, choose panoramic, and equirectangular
On render tab set resolution to 3000 x and 1500 y and 100%
set interocular distance to 0.2

Once rendered go to image menu at bottom and “save as image” stereo 3d and Side by side mode
then copy the png to /Oculus/360Photos/

But I want to now try a simple animation…but my attempts do not want to play on the Gear VR…I must be missing something… Has anyone come across this in the forums or elsewhere…my search hasnt found anything yet.

Many Thanks,

So far, all I have managed to get to work is a 1920 px by 960 px aspect ratio side by side rendering of the animation. It’s very pixelated, and so I’ve tried to double the ratio, adjust the bit rate, but can’t get it to happen. But at least it is playing in the gear!

Even I am looking for some help to make blender game run on oculus VR on windows platform. Anyone has tried?
how to make BGE simple First person walk compatible with Oculus VR?