Simple blender game (for weak-PC)

game for weak-PC having players :slight_smile: (1.9mb)

hi all. i made a simple basic game in 2 days.

w - upward
s - backward
a - rotate right
d - rotate left
q - move left (for avoiding enemies bullets)
e - avoid right (for avoiding enemies bullets)

features: 8 weapons, 7 different enemies, after level 5 faster moving left/right (for avoiding), 15 levels.
your goal: find the red ground and touch it(you must be at least level 14 and have killed the strongest boss at least once)

i made this game so simple becouse of my computer cant run bigger blender files -cant play my self with more graphics, even with this one at middle of map for me starts a lag.

im playing with blender 2 months and i added this game here becouse of getting few answers, too.
so, here are the questions:

  1. as you see, on my player logics are so many sensors and actuators (about 60 each) and is not enough place anymore. afcourse, its faster to make, but i need to learn them into python. i gonna learn, jsut need few fully working python program examples of simple game engine properties… like:
    these i mean on different materials. and i will not quite understand if you say like:
    if message.positive:
    own[‘prop’] = value

if prop == value:
own[‘prop’] = value
GameLogic.sendMessage(subject, body (optional), to (optional) )

this is notfully working and not enough info for me where is of what?

  1. how to do, that after level 1 complete, my all information of levels, exp and health would teleport to level 2, but on a new cube? and btw, how to do, that after level complete, i would appear in level 2, on the camera cillided with a new cube, where are the same properties of the last level? this i think can be little complicated and work with python…cant find out even the fake way of that…

  2. blender has a bug: somkes of my new bullets (with the totally same stats as the old ones) are not working - bug with “near” sensor. i made them as:
    walls have propertie “prop”
    this i made on my bullets:
    ‘near’ propertie “prop”, value 0.10 ->AND->end object.
    so somes of my bullets are thinking, that sensor ‘near’ is wider than value 0.1(dont know why), but other bullets(old ones or sometimes when i make new ones) work fine and dissapiers only when they are really near the wall(looks like after collision).

so, that would be all of my questions :slight_smile:

the link dosent work for me :confused:

sorry, was some megaupload problem and deleted it dont know why :confused:

You should put that link into the main thread.

and you need to pack your external data.

how do you shoot?

oh wait i got it…hey this is kind of fun (after you parent an overhead camera to the main player) :slight_smile:

Looks good. You should post some screen shots to entice people!

I think this is an interesting game but not for my use:(