Simple Blender Intro (PC cant render files)

Hello~ I recently got back into YouTube and i have a blender intro i would like to edit as my intro. Problem is, my computer wont support blender and i don’t have any other person that can render it for me. Is there anyway someone can edit the text on a blender file for me and send me the video of the intro itself via dropbox, skype, discord or anything else? If payment is necessary, i will only pay up to about 6-7$ since all that is needed is editing text. Is anyone willing to help out?

  • Thankyou, skxrlxt.

I could help you out. You you have a ‘template’ for a blender intro and just need the text to be edited to your YouTube Channel name?

Well I already said I would render it for you :wink:
I just wanted to know in which resolution and format you want your file to be.

Another option is SheepIt