Simple Box UVW Map Modifier


(Leandro Cavalheiro) #21


Great work on the script, very useful!

(rking) #22

Regarding the “Virtual Box”, perhaps the Texture Space would be a good starting point? (The dotted outline that comes up when you Shift+t, and its properties are visible in the Object Data section of the Properties Editor (and its display is toggled through the Object > Display section)).

The thing about it though: 1) I don’t /fully/ understand what it does. I see its effect on Texture Mappings, but I’m not sure if that’s 100% the only thing it does. I bet so, though. 2) No way to rotate that I know of, outside of a bit of Addon work, though (at least, the values. I’m not sure if you could make the box look rotated).


(hp9000) #23

Since the old API has been changed, so I’m trying to rewrite the script.
There is a problem due to lack of documentation

(bat3a) #24

good to know, waiting for you :slight_smile:

(hp9000) #25

Script was updated to v.0.45 to work with Blender 2.63 (BMesh)
Download link on first page was updated respectively.

(bat3a) #26

Download link on first page was updated respectively.
thanks, i add to my builds (if Allah wishes).

(Leandro Cavalheiro) #27

I’m getting this error with blender 2.63 and script 0.45.

(mrjynx) #28

^^ Yup same here

(Leandro Cavalheiro) #29

I think the issue is related to this trunk change:

(hp9000) #30

Script was updated to v.0.5 to work with Blender 2.63 release (BMesh)
Download link on first page was updated respectively.

Thanks to all for bug-report :wink:

(Leandro Cavalheiro) #31

yay!..its working nicely.

(danilius) #32

This is absolutely brilliant for architecture. Thanks a million!

A great addition to this script would allow and empty to control the UV coords on multiple objects. This would allow a building to be split into several objects and the texture would map across all of them perfectly, all controlled by this one empty.

(anereton) #33


Simply im speechless thanks so much : ) perfect plugin.

(hp9000) #34

Script updated to v.0.5.1
Improved Offset fields precision.
Added example video on first page of this topic.
Download link on first page was updated respectively.

(Carrozza) #35

Thanks for this script, soon I’ll start texturing an house project so probably your work will save a lot of time!

(Sanne) #36


this is for me one of the most useful scripts I came across so far. Thank you very much!

(Sanctuary) #37

I gave a try to this addon with a non unwrapped model i made long time ago to see how it would work after watching the video and i was very surprised by how good this addon is, it’s an excellent addition to Blender.
Fantastic work and thank you for sharing it.

(holyenigma74) #38

this script is so nice,
it should be included in blender along with the other addons.

make things so fast and easy.

(marcatore) #39

it’s very a time saver addon…

As 3dsmax user, I know that usually 3dsmax is like devil here, but from my POV if one or more tools in 3dsmax (or other 3d package) are usefull, I don’t see any reason to be unhappy to have it in blender.
For archviz is very important to have a fast tools for UV with some infos about dimensions.

A very big thank you for your “porting”

(marcatore) #40

Very time saver addons.

Thank you very much for this “porting”.